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Monday, February 05, 2007

Thai Curry Paste

Well I had some success. After three hours of intermittent pounding I developed approximately 2 cups of brown sludge. It is terrifically flavourful and very hot.

Certainly I'm not pleased with spending so much time and watching so many crappy movies. However I feel that I've learned a thing or two about using a mortar and pestal; I think next time it will take me much less time.

I also think it's helpful to prep the ingredients as best as possible. For instance the recipe calls for chopped items, I could process them in a small food processor. (Why not do the whole thing in a food processor you ask? Well there's lots of oils and flavours that develop through pounding; such as the seeds of the chilies all have to be crushed.)

The ingredients, going clockwise, starting left of the yellow can, at the 6:10 position.
  1. chopped garlic
  2. chopped cilantro roots and stems
  3. chopped reconstituted dried chilies, half seeded
  4. chopped roasted fresh chilies
  5. ground roasted coriander seed and Thai white peppercorns
  6. ground roasted cumin and caraway
  7. freshly grated nutmeg
  8. chopped lemongrass
  9. rind/zest of kaffir lime
  10. chopped shallots
  11. shrimp paste
And there is salt in the mortar. First you begin with the garlic and form a paste, adding each successive ingredient only when the current is well incorporated.


  • At 3:32 PM, Blogger Shayo said…

    So, was the flavor of the curry paste worth the 2+ hours of pounding? I enjoyed it, but are you willing to repeat this process when you run out of th paste?


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