Je Mange

“I eat therefore I am”– Culinary Genius

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Sauerkraut is known as choucroute in France, also spelled sourkraut or simply referred to as kraut. It's an integral part in the reuben sandwich. It can be bought in bags or cans from grocery stores. It is very popular in France and the Germany area. There it is normally eaten as a plate with fatty items like sausages and such charcuterie items.

Sauerkraut is very easily made, all you need is salt, water, green cabbage, an opaque container, 70 °F and about two weeks. The procedure is simple: bring to a boil 4 L of water and 200 g of salt, cool, put thinly sliced cabbage in your container, cover with salt water, weight down the cabbage (possibly wrapping the top with cheese cloth) with a plate, put the cover on, put it in a cool corner and mark your calender. Two weeks later its all set; to eat, braise it in its brine water and some clean water adjusting for acidity.